Monday, December 22, 2014

New Oil Painting

Back in the summer, I had a request for a commission oil painting.  I was about 75% through it when Ricky had his accident.  In October, I found out that the painting needed to be finished before Thanksgiving instead of Christmas.  I had not been to the art studio since September and had really no desire to do anything, but I was committed to this, so I had to get to work on it.

I went to the studio and picked it up, came home and started working on it a few days a week.  At that time Ricky and I were spending 3 days week going back and forth to therapy for his hands, legs and neck.  I stuck with it and was able to get it completed.

I had it framed for her, and my sister-in-law delivered it to her.  She was so pleased and sent me the nicest thank you card.  I hope the family member that she was giving it to was pleased with it.

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