Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quilting Progress and Update on Ricky

Back in October I mentioned that my husband had an accident that injured his spinal cord.  He had to have C3-C5 fused together.  He lost the feeling in his hands and has trouble with his shoulders.  He has 95% of his balance and walking ability back.  The doctors tell us that whatever ability he has in a year will be all that he will get back.  We have 9 months to go.  He is back to working on his antique tractors, with help from his brothers and friends.  He can't pick up over 25 lbs but he enjoys being out in his shop and trying to do as much as possible to keep busy and moving.

I have finally started working on my quilts again and it really makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.  I have finished the blocks on a sampler of the month called "A Chocolate Sampler".  I added about 12 extra blocks on the outside to make it big enough for our bed.
I still have to piece them together, add borders and quilt it but it's a lot closer than before.

I have also, just this morning, finished quilting my "Tennessee Country" quilt made from Bonnie Hunter's "Blue Ridge Beauty" pattern.  You can find it in her Adventures with leaders and Enders book.  I originally wanted to use variegated thread and quilt it with a Baptist Fan panto graph, but kept having problems with skipped stitches. After ripping out stitches twice, I really became frustrated so I just used Superior Bottom Line on both top and bottom.

 After all the attempts with the variegated thread, I really like the solid color because it doesn't take away from the pattern of the quilt.  I just did a free form meandering on it and I am a happy girl.  Now, I just have to add a binding and put this baby on our bed.

It's nice to be back on the blogging scene.  I have been reading most of my blogs but don't make comments very often.  Now that life on the farm is getting back to some normalcy I should be able to be more active with everyone.  I wish you all a wonderful day.

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Jackie's Stitches said...

It's great to see you sewing again and to hear your husband is much improved. Very good news.

Tennesse Country is gorgeous! Congrats on your finish.