Thursday, January 8, 2015

Organizing Thread

Well, I took a couple of weeks off because of Christmas and New Year and when I walked back into my studio the other day I saw this.

 My embroidery thread was all over the floor.

The racks that were hanging on a peg board were broken and stuck behind my embroidery machine and table.
 For some strange reason the board fell off the wall.  Hard to believe, when it was hanging on 3 bolts screwed into the wall.  Once I got everything pulled out away from the machine (thank goodness it wasn't hit) I realized that the top strip of the board broke lose and that caused it to fall.

I decided then that I was not taking another chance on that happening again so I made a trip the the Container Store and purchased shoe boxes as well as other storage containers for my thread.
I have spent this morning getting everything sorted out and placed in the correct sized containers.  Doing this has also made me realize I have way to much thread and spend far to little time using my embroidery machine.  Through the years I have collected up Maderia, PolyX40, Robinson-Anton and Floriani threads and have barely used any of it.

My intention this year is to put this thread to some kind of use.  I love Jenny Haskins designs and have several of her books.  I think it's time I pulled them out and made use of them.  I feel kinda like a thread hoarder as well as a fabric junkie.  Maybe I should go into rehab!!

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Melody said...

You have got a fabulous collection of thread. Have fun using it up.