Saturday, April 18, 2015

Headaches over this PC

I was soooo happy when I purchased my new PC.  I also purchased a new, more powerful router, that allowed wi-fi access in my studio.  Boy, I was on cloud 9, or so I thought.
I am having the darnedest time figuring out the transfer of photos from my Samsung phone or my Ipad to One Drive and then to get them downloaded to my picture file.  I did not realize I was so "old school"!

I am going to try to upload a few pictures just to see if I can do it properly.  I hope so, because I miss not blogging about things going on here in my cottage and on the farm. So here goes, wish me luck.

 These photos were made at Scarrett Bennett Seminary in Nashville, TN.

 I had the honor of auditing an Old Testament Hebrew class at Vanderbilt University.

I always parked around Scarrett and walked to the lecture hall.  I love these old buildings

 There style just draw me to them.  I think a painting series will be in the future for these photos.

Unfortunately, I had to withdraw from the class due to my husbands accident on Sept. 6th.  He is doing a lot better, I would say 90% recovered.  I may get another chance at the audit next year.

On the other hand, it looks like I have finally figured out what I'm doing with the photos.  I hope so, because I want to share other things with you all and get back to blogging on a regular basis.  Have a great day and I will post again real soon.


Debbie said...

technology is such a headache. I finally got the cloud thing to work but it won't let me edit photos. Love your photos of the stone and buildings....really neat.

barbara woods said...

glad you are back, love those old building