Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Precious Possessions

The other day I received an email from Lesley Riley, which included a video Making plans for your precious possessions on you tube by a lady named Susan Lenz.  I could not get her talk out of my head.  The next day I was in my studio dusting off my grandmothers old rocker and bringing out my can of paint.
 I spent the morning painting this chair and while I did that I thought of all the memories that were held within this piece of furniture.  My grandmother reading risque Victorian novels.  The first night my daughter, Amanda came home and I held her and rocked her to sleep.  My nephew, Shawn, helping to feed her, patting her head and holding her tiny fingers.  This was a precious possession and lately it held nothing but dust, dirt and spider webs.

Not anymore, as I set the pot of flowers down in the seat I could feel my grandmother saying, "thank you, for giving this a new life."  It now sits on my patio where I enjoy the colors and the memories that come to mind when I see it.  If you have time, check out Susan's video.  She is an artist that uses others precious possessions to create amazing items.  It will be worth your time.

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