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"I'll Always Have Your Back"
An original painting of myself and my daughter when we were little.

"I'm Sick of These Shadows"
Study in Oil of John Waterhouse painting

"Madonna and Babe"
Study in oil of an 1800's painting.

"Winter Barn"
This is an original of the barn at our home.  I was standing on the carport when I took the picture that I used as a reference. 

"Windy Day"

                                                                   "Fresh Eggs"   Given as a gift.

 "Water Lilies 2"
 "Mary and baby Jesus"
My interpretation of a J. W. Waterhouse painting titled "Miranda"  The original (1875) was lost for years until 2006 when it was discovered in Scotland.
"Orange Brites"
My first original using transparent paints.

"Water Lilies"
My interpretation of Monet's Water Lilies painting
"A Day to Remember"       SOLD
My first commissioned piece completed Dec. 2011

 "Beach Chair"


"The Creation"
A study of Michelangelo's painting from the Sistine Chapel.

I finished this in March 2010 and did hang in my church until 2014.  

"Butterflies for Mom"
Taken from a birthday card.  I just fell in love with the colors and I knew it would brighten up my Mother's room.

"Butterfly Landing"
Another painting I did for my Mother.

"The Tea Room"
An original taken from a photo that I took while I was in Springfield, TN.  I had just finished my first art show, Strolling Thru the Arts when I noticed the front of Burdett's Tea Room.  I really liked the way all the lights were reflected in the window.  If your ever in Springfield, stop in for a visit.  It's a great little shop and the food is delicious.

"Childhood Dreams"
I painted "Childhood Dreams" to be displayed in an art show.  I used a photo of my daughter, Amanda, to be on stage with the ballerina.  Here's the question that came to mind after I finished it.  Is the child thinking about the future or the ballerina thinking about her childhood?

"Kaitlin's Choice"
My granddaughter, Kaitlin saw a note card laying on my desk and ask me to paint it for her.  She is now 15 and still talks about this painting. 

"Morning in Bidderford Pool"
This is my very first original painting.  Ricky and I were visiting friends in Bidderford Pool, ME.  We had walked up to the local shops so I could look around.  Ricky and Ells decided to read the paper while they waited for me.  I could not resist taking the photo as I came out and saw them.  It was a beautiful morning and a great trip.

"K and R Wines"               SOLD
This is another original that I set up.  Ricky and I used to make wine so I used our bottles, some grapes, my lace shawl, a piece of kitchen backsplash and a special wine glass.  My friend Jana brought me a set of glasses all the way from Australia.

"Last Rose of Summer"    Given as Gift
An original taken from a photo of my roses.  I tried to make this one look like it was ready to be picked off the canvas. 

"Girl with a Pearl Earring"
A study in oil of Johannes Veermeers painting.  This is the first in a series that I will be working on titled "Women of the Masters".

"The Creation"
This is one that I painted especially for my Mother.

"Mona Lisa"
The second in my series titled "Women of the Masters"

A study in oil of a painting by Grace Kim.

"Eagle Pride"            SOLD
I wanted a painting to reflect my feelings